About US


We are a small town used vehicle dealership where making a friend is more important than making a sale. Car buying can be enjoyable when you are working together with a dealership on a vehicle purchase.  We are not here to sell you a vehicle, we are here to help you buy a vehicle. A vehicle purchase is a big deal regardless of the final price. The vehicle needs to be a good value with attention to meeting the needs of the buyer. The vehicle needs to be safe, reliable, and attractive to the buyer. No reason to spend money on a vehicle you are embarrassed to drive or afraid to put your family in. At Affinity Auto our goal is to help you purchase the vehicle you want. We specialize in Subarus because they are great vehicles, we know Subarus, and we enjoy Subarus. But we are car people, and if we don’t have the vehicle you want, we can find it for you. Again…working together to put you into the vehicle you want.  Maybe you really do like your vehicle but just want to set it apart from the rest. The performance and aftermarket options for many vehicles is plentiful. You can keep the ride you like but give it a new look you enjoy showing off. If you need something special, just ask! Affinity Auto….lets us help you be proud of the vehicle you drive!


  • Subaru, Subaru, Subaru
  • Quality vehicles at affordable prices
  • Finding the vehicle you want
  • Conversions bringing your ride to a new level


  • Trust

  • If we don’t have the vehicle you want we can find it

  • Quality vehicles at great prices

  • Service with your schedule in mind

  • Vehicle buying made fun

  • We are happy only when you are happy

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