Vehicle Conversions

Are you tired of sitting at a stop light and seeing two other vehicles just like yours? Have you ever came out of a store and tried to get into the wrong vehicle…a vehicle looking just like yours? You might not need a new vehicle, you simply need to set your vehicle apart from the rest! Maybe new bumpers, a lift kit, a body kit, or maybe just some upgrades under the hood. Todays aftermarket options for many vehicles are nearly endless and we can help you set your vehicle apart from the rest of the look a-likes. Jeeps and most any truck are great to convert to something more fitting to adventure and ruggedness. How about you Subaru fans. Subarus are our specialty and if you want to set your “Subbie” apart from the rest we need to visit. We can convert your already sweet “Subbie” into something much more fun to drive. Have you ever thought about a Subaru WRX/STI conversion? The factory Subaru STI cars are definitely awesome but they are also expensive to buy. We can take your everyday Subaru Impreza and in no time give you a WRX. If you already have a WRX and want an STI we can make it happen. Maybe you want to go from the everyday to a STI all in one conversion event, we can make it happen. Outback lovers have plenty of options also to set their Outback apart from the rest. Sometimes the best time for a conversion is when bad luck has come your way. Maybe your engine broke with no warranty coverage or maybe a deer got in your way. Of course you can build it back to stock, but you can also have it built back with high performance and/or style in mind. Subaru vehicles are the perfect vehicle to go from base model to the top of the line simply using your current Subaru as the foundation and using Subaru’s line of high performance and aftermarket suppliers to make something special. They are also the perfect vehicle to “clone”. A “Subbie clone” is a base model with easy driving and the affordable insurance but the car looks like the WRX/STI version. We won’t tell if you don’t but you should be ready for lots of attention because of your new look. Newer on the conversion scene is transforming the Volkswagen Vanagons and Buses to Subaru power. Subaru engines are very reliable with plenty of power and torque and they fit nicely into the VW engine compartment. We can convert your Vanagon/Bus to Subaru power and you will lose nothing of your VW’s original design and utilitarian characteristics. So if you want to bring some added style to your vehicle, give us a call and together we can change your ride into a ride you will have no trouble finding in the mall parking lot!

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